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Electrosurgical Units


●Remote fault diagnosis function.

●Full-function power automatic compensation.

●Automatic monitoring function and mistake indication function.

●High definition large LED indication, with audio & visual indication.

●Standard endoscopic interface comply with any brand endoscopies.

●Power-off protection circuit, which remembers last time output setting value.

●Underwater cut function, suitable for use with argon system, endoscope, uteroscope etc includingorganic cut in rich fat area.

●Six working modes, Monopolar output controlled by hand switch or foot switch; bipolar output con-trolled by foot switch.

●Independent output interface, ensured that only the opened interface can gives output, other closedinterface has no output, which is more safe.

●With high performance neutral electrode contact inspection system,system will test and evaluatethe effective contact area between electrode and derma, if the contact area was found low to a danger level, system will automatic cutout and gives alarm indication.

●Optional hand switch controlled power output (increase or decrease) function

Technical Parameters

a) Ambient temp. range:5°C~40°C;

b)Relative Humidity Range:80;

c) Atmospheric Pressure Range: 86.0106.0kpa;


e) Operating Freq:330460kHz;

f) Rated Power:1100VA±10%

g) Type: CF

Power Consumption:1100VA(Cut function 400W)

Six output mode:

a) Cut: 400W (Load 5002)

b)Blend 1: 250W(Load 500Q)

C) Blend 2: 200W(Load 500Q)

d) Spray Coag: 120W(Load 500Ω)

e) Contact Coag: 80W(Load 5002)

f) Bipolar Coag:70W (Load 1002)

Power: 220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz


Applicable for general surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, urologic surgery, cerebral surgery,microsurgery, ENT surgery and etc.

●Cut:   Pure cut, can make easy operation for any organic, the effect is refine cut,no escharosis on the surface.

●Blend 1: The effect is cut with coagulation.

●Blend 2: The effect is offering a better coagulation during cut.

●Spray Coag.:   Called spray electrocoagulation, offers effective non-contact coagulation, Can use this function together with Argon.Contact Coag.: Called soft electrocoagulation, or called Point 

                            coagulation, small effect area, for a deep coagulation layerfor organic. Can use this function together with Endoscope;

●Bipolar Coag: Called rapid Bipolar coagulation, to provide coagulation function rapidly at boot, which can reduce miso-peration rate during operation.

Transportation and Storage:

a) Ambient Temp. Range:-40°C55°C;

b) Relative Humidity:95%;

c) Atmospheric Pressure: 500hpa 1060hpa;

d)Product Size: 365*330*125mm (LxWxH)

e) Weight: N.W.8 KG,G.W.11 KG

f) Packing size: 46*42*30 cm

Standard configuration

Main unit  1 pc
Double footswith1 pc
Hand switch (Disposable)2 pcs
Electrode plate (Disposable)2 pcs
Electrode plate cable1 pc
Bipolar forceps1 pc
Bipolar forceps cable1 pc
Power cable1 pc
User's manual1 pc
Packing List1 pc

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