About Us

About Us

ZS ORTHO is China-based veterinary supplier since 2017. Specializing in high-quality orthopedic, clinic room, dental, and ophthalmology products. Committed to excellence, customer satisfaction, and global reach. Trusted partner for veterinarians worldwide.Our purpose is “Together with our clients, always make health care better!”...

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  • 13 2024-02 Meet ZSVET at WVC 2024, Las Vegas!
    "Discover the future of veterinary care with ZSVET at the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) 2024 in Las Vegas, February 19-21. Explore cutting-edge veterinary solutions, connect with industry experts, and take advantage of exclusive offers. Visit us at ...
  • 10 2023-11 Welcome to VETSHOW LONDON 2023
    We will attend Vetshow London 2023 Booth no. R62SHOW TIMEExCeL London - Entrance S3 & S5Royal Victoria Dock1 Western Gat
  • 08 2023-06 The Crucial Role of the APL Valve in Anesthesia Machines
    Discover the significance of the APL valve in anesthesia machines for patient safety and optimal ventilation. Learn how this vital component regulates pressure, prevents barotrauma, and optimizes ventilation parameters. Explore its role in emergency ventilatio...
  • 26 2023-04 Enhancing Veterinary Care with Modern Anesthesia Machines
    This article provides a comprehensive guide on veterinary anesthesia machines, including their types, features, and benefits.
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